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About us

Shanghai Smart Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for aesthetics and medical machine in China for more than 20 years. We have our own research, development, clinic, sales and after-sales department, can offer the professional technology supports and clinic data at the first time.
Our main products:
Derma roller
Slimming machine
Body composition analyzer
Skin analyzer
Co2 fractional laser machine
E-light(IPL+RF) hair removal skin rejuvenation machine
808nm diode laser hair removal machine
ND YAG laser tattoo removal machine
PDT aesthetics skin care machine
With the customer-orientated business philosophy and the purpose of science and technology first, ensure high quality and cost-effective products for customers, which makes us gains lots of customers all over the world.We provide OEM and ODM service (logo and menu design), welcome your inquiry and order, we will guarantee excellent quality with prompt delivery.


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